Meet Angel!

Angel has a history with us here at WARL. In 2012 Angel came into the shelter after she was abandoned in an apartment with another dog. She was here with us for 2 years in search of a new home! Being as sweet and lovable as she is staff and volunteers could not figure out what took so long.

Just recently her loving family had to move to a place that doesn't accept animals. Heartbroken, her family knew the best thing for her was to find a new family though WARL again.

As if Angel hasn't has a hard enough life a couple of weeks ago she was playing in her back yard when a coyote got into the fenced in area and got into a scuffle with her. Angel was bitten a few times but luckily did not sustain any serious wounds. Angel is healing very well and doesn't seem to be phased by the event at all.

Angel would prefer a home with no other animals to relax in and enjoy her golden years. This sweet soul is deserving of a loving home full of warm beds, daily walks, and plenty of snuggles.

If you are interested in meeting or finding out more about Angel, contact us today!

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