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I have my girlfriends old phone, that she wants to sell because sprints buy-back program basically asks you to just hand it over... so we'd rather try to get some bills paid lol.

She had used for about 5 months. she had the same phone for about 2 years, but her first one took a dump (literally) into the toilet, and they gave her this brand new one as an insurance replacement. Its extremely clean. No scratches on the screen at all, practically flawless, but few minor almost invisible screen blemishes. The camera glass protective lens on the back of the phone however has a slight crack; which however does not effect the camera function at all.. everything on the phone works flawlessly. Kickstand feature also works fantastic and tight closing, whereas most usually loosen up and break. SD card feature also allows you to expand your phone storage for more memory and program/game installation.

Comes with:
2 extended life lithium batteries
Samsung Ear buds for music, and remote/microphone function on the wire for call answering
Protective cover (in case you drop it!)

Maximum SD card size allowed is 32gb, and can be had for cheap on (ive found them as low as 12$)

Call for sale, and arrangements or questions.

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