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Looking to sell my newly built gaming PC. This thing is a beast, destroys anything and everything thrown at it. And has the looks to match. This thing has been overclocked (both cpu+gpu's) to the max on air cooling.
Cpu- i5 2500k quad core oc'd @ 4.9ghz STABLE! 24/7 clock
Operating system- Windows 7 Ultimate 64b (can install any other version at startup at anytime pro,home,enterprise,etc..)
Cpu Cooler- Corsair A50
Motherboard- MSI P67A-GD65 (with power,reset, and easy overclock button all onboard. Overclock achieved through bios)
GPU- 2 Gigabyte HD 6850's in CrossfireX (gigabyte model has dual radiator cooling on each card and higher overclock capabilities)
Ram- 8gb ddr3 ram
Hdd- 1tb Western Digital hard drive
Psu- 750w gold certified (has color changing led's red, blue, or green)
Case- NZXT M59 mid tower
Fans- 5 120mm (pretty quiet for that many fans)
This computer is in PERFECT condition. Everything is new and works as such. Overclock has been tested countless times under prime95 torture tests and has held true. STABLE. With liquid cooling higher clocks can be achieved. I've seen upwards of 5.5ghz! This thing was built with gaming in mind, and there is nothing recent or new it can't handle. I hate to sell this PC, it's been my baby. But my car needs a new engine...SO im selling. $1400 firm, which is low considering parts and time put in building and overclocking. Just need the money for my car, wont take a penny less so don't ask. Call or text jordan, @

/video/video.php?v=580 (video of comp, there are now 2 120mm fans on top)
Location: worcester, ma

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