Cha Cha Chihuahua Senior Female in Worcester, Massachusetts

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BTR Foster Cha Cha - 6/17/23

Meet Cha Cha!

Cha Cha is an adorable 9 year old girl weighing in around 12 pounds.

She loves to be with people and in a lap. And especially in a lap under a blanket!


Cha Cha will follow her humans around wherever they go and will come when called. She does not enjoy the crate at all. She will bark in a crate when you leave the room and will whine at you if you don’t let her out right away. She sounds like a car that needs new brakes! She will do this whenever the foster Mom goes to another room and Cha Cha is stuck behind the puppy gate.

Cha Cha would do best with an adopter who will not have to leave her home alone, like ever ?! If she is not crated or left in another room she is very quiet and chill. When she first came to her foster home Foster Mom couldn’t even shower without her. Now Cha Cha just looks in and walks out of the room. Cha Cha will now go lay down wherever she pleases once she decides foster Mom is doing something she is not interested in.

Cha Cha sleeps in the bed under the blankets. If you don’t want this then she is NOT for you. After a few months Cha Cha finally started showing her true personality and is super cute and amusing. Whenever someone comes home, Mom, Dad, or the kids she does her little happy dance and tries to bite you! LOL it’s super soft and even the four yr old loves it. Foster Mom has tried to ignore her until she calms down and it seems to be going okay but… This is also how Cha Cha plays! Every now and again she will get some zoomies and likes to try to nibble you lol. She is super gentle and has not played in any other way despite fosters trying to engage her in other types of play.

TRAINING: Cha Cha does NOT know to leave it, or much else really. She must have been allowed to eat all human food previously because she gets all excited and tries to eat off your plate! She is getting better with this and if you block her and say ehh ehh she will wiggle at you and dance. But, don’t leave food around! She is highly food motivated so if you can be more patient than her training can be accomplished. She no longer stands

for foster mom when treats are brought out. She stands patiently. She doesn't sit for them yet but one step at a time!

It has taken her some time for Cha Cha to be calm while foster Mom does other things. Foster Mom has just done the ignore until calm approach to help her be okay with Mom in the other rooms and she does great with it now. Again, you must outlast her or just enjoy her craziness as is.

POTTY: Cha Cha will potty outside if she is out when she needs to go, however she makes no attempts to potty outside even when she goes out with the other dogs. Mostly she just looks outside and comes back in if her foster Mom isn’t outside. She is pee pad trained though. If you don’t keep a clean pad for her you risk poops off the pad! Cha Cha likes a clean bathroom. We don’t typically walk her but she has had some walking on leash and does great! We think she would love daily walks and this would cut down on the pee pad use.

KIDS: She is being fostered with two young children who are respectful of her size. She gets very excited to see the 4 almost 5 year old and he giggles his butt off when she does her dance and nibbles on his fingers. Sometimes she can get rougher with her nibbles if you let her hew too long so this is always monitored and the child is continuously told not to let her do that. But, you know, I just have crazy wild child gremlins so it’s a constant work in progress with the littlest one! But, if you have gremlins too she doesn’t care about the chaos!

There have been plenty of summer mornings where foster Mom has found the 7 yr old asleep on the couch and Cha Cha will go hop up and snuggle with him. Cha Cha will hang out with anyone who is chilling and has a blanket! Until foster Mom comes to sit down anyway. Then it’s foster Mom all the way!


She will not be a good buddy for another dog. While she had been reported to be good with dogs and cats she only tolerates her doggy foster brothers. Cha Cha is fine being around them but doesn’t want to engage with them. She will walk away very quickly, or turn her head away from them, when they try to approach her. She will not do well with any dogs that do not respect her bubble.

She has not been tested with females of any size at this time. She was fostered with a mini Poodle mix for a bit and didn’t want anything to do with him either. After being here for a few months she now barks at them when her foster brothers play together. She doesn't want to be approached or engage in the play though as she will run away if they try to include her. They no longer try to include her lol.

It’s preferred she is the only pet.

Homes with other dogs will be considered if it can be shown that your resident dog can ignore her and respect her boundaries.


Cha Cha came to us not spayed, with a hernia, with a cherry eye, poop breath with decaying teeth, and extra long raptor claws. Her spay has been attempted three times. It can not be done. Cha Cha does not do well with the anesthesia and will not be able to undergo any surgeries. She will need an echocardiogram to find out more. None of the above-mentioned medical issues (besides her nails) will be able to be fixed prior to adoption.

Broken Tail Rescue will do a $500 credit towards an Echocardiogram with your vet for her.

Her adoption fee is $250.

If you are interested in finding out more about Cha Cha, please fill out an adoption application by copying and pasting the following link into your browser:

Cha Cha is being fostered in Clinton.
If you have any questions or would like to adopt Cha Cha, please reach out to the adoption group directly. PetSmart Charities does not facilitate the adoption process. Thank you.

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