Shih-Peke for sale in Worcester, Massachusetts


Shih-Peke - Regal Little Prince The Shinese is a designer hybrid breed consisting of Pekingese and Shih Tzu. The breed originated in recent years in the United States, however, both the Shih Tzu and the Pekingese originated in Tibet. Size: The Shinese will typically reach heights of about 10 inches with an average weight of 9-16 pounds. However, this may vary depending on the size of the parent dogs. Coat: The coat of the Shinese typically resembles human hair, and will appear as a long double coat. The coat can also come in a wide variety of colors exhibited by the parent breeds of Shih Tzu and Pekingese. Character: The Shinese is a very loving and playful breed. They will be eager to exert their little excess energy and then spend the day lounging. The Shinese is revered as an ideal pet for elderly people looking for a lap companion, as they are quite calm. The Shinese can also make a great family pet, The Shinese, though small in stature, are large in heart and are known to keep a watchful eye on their loved ones. A surprisingly able watchdog, the Shinese will stay alert and be the first to let you know of an uninvited presence. Training: The Shinese is a very intelligent and eager to please breed. Activity: The Shinese is an ideal pet for those apartment dwellers. This breed requires very little exercising. Daily walks are more of a treat than a requirement. Your Shinese will be perfectly happy to simply catch some fresh air on the patio and head back inside to lounge about. Shih-Peke 1 1/2 years, not neutered - adorable, charming, and lovable little fellow with gorgeous baby doll features on a tiny greeting card face. Angelic, white-champagne color, luxurious flowing coat. Silk and satin sweetie has a wonderful, endearing personality---enjoys going for walks, rides, swimming in the pool, playing with other dogs----and his people friends too. $350.00. Plus his favorite crate. To approved home only. Please call .

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